The IPhone 7 What You Need To Know

The IPhone 7 What You Need To Know

One of the biggest Apple News stories is always the latest iPhone, and people are anxious to find out when the next iPhone release will happen. At this time, Apple has not officially announced the new iphone announcement. However, most tech industry insiders place the likely launch sometime in the month of September 2016. The reason that this is so likely is that Apple has a long history of releasing their new iPhones in September, so that trend is expected to continue going forward. Of course, there are always rumors floating around that the release might happen during the late summer or even the mid summer, but since this rumor is proven false every year for the last few years, it seems unlikely.

When Will the New iPhone Be Here?

One thing is relatively certain: Apple is still working on the manufacture of the new iPhone 7, and they will not typically launch a new product until they have enough phones to meet at least a good portion of their preorders. Another reason why September is a good bet for the iPhone 7 release is that the new phone is expected to operate on the upcoming iOS 10. The iOS 10 is scheduled for release sometime in the fall, so that would mean that the iPhone 7 could launch with the new iOS 10 already installed and ready to use.

What Will the New iPhone 7 Look Like?

While nothing is absolutely certain thanks to the tight lid that Apple keeps on its technology, there are several characteristics that are very likely to be seen in the iPhone 7. It is most likely to appear fairly similar to the iPhone 6s in terms of size, although it may be thinner. The iPhone 6s was 7.1mm thick, while the new iPhone 7 is expected to be around 6mm to 6.5mm thick. This makes it not quite paper thin, but extremely thin, especially in relation to all the other smartphones on the market today. How this will impact battery life is uncertain, but a thinner phone likely means that the battery will not last quite as long as it did in the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6.

Color options are expected to stay the same, with the possible addition of a new "Space Black" color. It may be created to match the Apple Watch. The phone is rumored to have water resistance, which would immediately make it incredibly popular for that reason alone. The body is expected to be crafted from metal, with no bezel. A redesigned antenna is in the works, as well.

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